Wildlife Safari - True Nature Sweden

Johanneshov, Stockholm

All about wilderness and the true nature of Sweden

You are in Stockholm for a long weekend and would like to get a larger experience of what Sweden has to offer. You know that we have majestic animals in our wilderness and you would like to get the chance to see these creatures in real life. Well, we got it all ready for you. We propose this great safari that will give you the chance to spot many different animals iconic to Swedish wild nature. What about coming back home with the experience of Swedish culture in Stockholm city but also having seen the wildlife in its natural habitat?

In the evening when the forest is starting to get mystical, comes the time for us to go out there. Indeed the wildlife is very often coming out from dusk to dawn. That’s when we bring you into nature, to observe the wildlife.

During the tour, we will have time to talk about the different animals one can encounter in Sweden while in nature, their behavior, their habits, what they eat, how and where to spot them, and much more. Bring your questions along. We will have a break for dinner before scouting the forest again. Cold dinner will be provided. In winter we will provide a Swedish Fika and coffee, or hot chocolate. As we are starting earlier to be able to catch the dawn, we are then outside of dinner time, we, therefore, serve you a Swedish Fika: pastries and hot drinks.

 Here is a list of what exists mostly in our forests:

The moose or the elk: They are the very iconic animal of Sweden and we are always doing our best to spot them during our tours.

The beaver: This shy and silent animal is rare to spot but can be encountered around water points.

The wolf: No worries they’ll see you but you’ll never see them.

The lynx: They are outnumbered unfortunately and they live more towards the center of Sweden. They are probably the hardest animal to spot. Fantastic hunter.

The bear: we couldn’t mention it. Well we will talk about it but they don’t live in the Stockholm region, so no worries, no encounter is possible.

The roe deer: are probably the most common to see and we will spot them grazing in herds on grassland.

The fallow deer: This is a magnificent deer slightly bigger than the roe deer but has white dots on the fur. Hope we’ll see them.

The sea eagle: Can be spotted sometime over the forest as the sea is never far.

The woodpecker. So much to say about them, I’ll let you discover.

The reindeer and wolverine: Those ones are very Nordic animals, they like cold, snow, and high land for the wolverine. No chance to spot them.

There are many other animals to talk about like the crow, hare, grouse, ant nest, grey owl, wild boar, and many more that we will talk about during the safari.