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Whether you reach it by bus, car, on a daytrip cruise, or from a small water taxi, the Stockholm archipelago are closer than you think. Regular boat services serve most of the larger islands, while the major coastal towns Vaxholm, Norrtälje, Nynäshamn, and Gustavsberg, are accessible by bus, through Public transport. Buses and most boats run all year round, although more frequently during the summer. You can also get to many places by train, car, and even by bike.





Regular boat services serve most of the larger islands, and many of the tours depart directly from Stockholm city center and take you to the outer archipelago and open sea. Waxholmsbolaget runs the regular public transport boats and operates daily services to hundreds of destinations in the Stockholm archipelago.

Tickets and timetables
Tickets are bought onboard the boat. Waxholmsbolaget accept all major credit cards, cash and SL Access card, which is an electronic smart card. You can also buy season tickets valid for 5 or 30 consecutive days. Ticket information, route planner and timetables are available at www.waxholmsbolaget.se/visitor. 

Be sure to catch the right boat!
Since several boats often arrive at a jetty at the same time, please ask a member of the crew to make sure which boat goes to your destination. Larger islands often have several jetties that are sometimes served by different boat routes. Be sure to note which jetty you want to go to.

Don’t forget the semaphore
The semaphore, a round foldable sign on the jetty should be placed in its vertical position while you are waiting for the boat. This signals to the captain that someone wishes to embark.

Nord/Sydlinjen lets you experience the Stockholm archipelago from Arholma in the north to Nynäshamn in the south. Regular ferries from Waxholmsbolaget serve around 30 destinations and the choices are endless: you can make the whole trip in just one day, or get off at whatever island suits you.

Water taxi and daytrips
There are several water taxi companies that take passengers out on more remote islands. If you would like to reserve a water taxi, ask for information at your hotel or at the local tourist offices, they can assist you with information on which companies to choose from or download the Taxi boat app.

If you want to get a feeling for the archipelago without staying the night, a day trip is a good option. Cinderellabåtarna offers day cruises ranging from 3 to 11 hours, many of them including lunch or dinner. 



Taking the bus following the coastline north or south of Stockholm will take you to idyllic towns and peaceful hotels, such as Nynäshamn, Norrtälje, Waxholm, Marholmen and Dalarö. Several of the most popular places to visit, such as Utö and Landsort, can be reached by first taking the train or bus and then boat the last part of the trip.

Stockholm Public Transport, SL, is responsible for buses, commuter trains, and certain ferry lines in the Greater Stockholm area.

Tickets & timetables
There are tickets and travel cards for shorter and longer periods of time. Nearly all tickets are loaded on to a SL Access card, which is an electronic smart card.

Tickets can be purchased at the SL Centers, newsagent kiosks or via text message on your phone.  Prepaid cards are the best alternative for those making fewer trips. It is also possible to buy 1, 3, or 7-day cards, which allow free travel in all zones during the active period. Please note that it is not possible to pay cash for tickets on board buses in Stockholm.

The easiest way to plan your journey is to use the planning tools on the SL homepage. Choose between real time departures if you are on the go, or scheduled departures if you want to plan ahead.

Timetable booklets are free of charge and you can pick them up at train stations or onboard the bus, as well as at the SL travel information center. You can download a timetable at the Swedish section on www.sl.se


Travel by public transportation

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For those who want to travel by car, many islands are connected to the mainland via bridges or road ferries. 
The local tourist offices will gladly assist with information how to drive to and between the islands. On Trafikverket you find timetables to the road ferries operating in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Useful links:

Stockholm Public Transport: www.sl.se
Uppland Public Transport: www.ul.se
Waxholmsbolaget: waxholmsbolaget.se/visitor-information

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+46 8 600 10 00 eller kundtjanst@waxholmsbolaget.se

Trafikverket: www.trafikverket.se
Cinderellabåtarna: www.stromma.se