Fredriksborg Fortress and the Vaxholm line for 500 years

Vaxholm has been a vital part of Stockholm's and Sweden's defense for 500 years. Fredriksborg Fortress, built in 1735, was the most advanced fortification of its time, guarding the Oxdjupet passage and complementing the Vaxholm Fortress from 1549. Together, they protected the entrances at Oxdjupet and Kodjupet until Oxdjupet was blocked, and Vaxholm Castle replaced Vaxholm Fortress in the 1800s.

Explore Fredriksborg Fortress and listen to its history narrated by Fredriksborg Hotel's guide on all open days from May to September. Special tours for groups can be arranged.

The defense system known as Vaxholm Fortress and the Vaxholm Line begins on the Värmdö side of Oxdjupet, the only deep inlet towards Stockholm.

In 1735, Fredriksborg Fortress was completed, later replaced by Oscar Fredriksborg Fort in 1877. The Myttinge Line, part of the Vaxholm Line, was constructed on the Värmdö side, concurrent with the establishment of KA1 on Rindö by the defense forces.

Fredriksborg Hotel is situated in the old officer residences of Fredriksborg Fortress from the same era, guiding visitors through Fredriksborg Fortress on all open days from May to September. The defense of Vaxholm is intertwined as a crucial part of Sweden's history since the construction of Vaxholm Fortress in 1549.

The hotel's guide will showcase the fortress's cannon platform, vaults, and powder room, concluding at a height of 60 meters in the observation tower. Originally over 6 meters taller, part of the building was dismantled to provide material for Vaxholm Castle, earning it the nickname 'butter box' in local parlance. It remains a majestic structure, occasionally used for wedding celebrations, galleries, music events, and more.

The guided tour is complimentary for hotel guests, whether staying overnight or dining for lunch or dinner. For non-guests, the tour costs 95 SEK per person (50% discount with the Swedish Cultural Heritage Card).

English tours are available upon request immediately after the Swedish tour during the summer season.

Duration: 1 hour

Start: 5:00 PM outside the hotel reception

End: Approximately 6:00 PM

How to get there: Shuttle boat 83 to Grenadjärsbryggan, Rindö, or Bus 688 to Oscar Fredriksborg, followed by a 1 km walk. Alternatively, guests can use their own car or boat to reach Fredriksborg. Free parking is available subject to availability.

Price: 0-95 SEK per person, including VAT.

Booking conditions: All open days from 1 May to 30 September. No advance booking required.

For reservations and more information: See contact details below.

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Opening hours

See Fredriksborg Fortress and hear the story told by Fredriksborg Hotel's guide on all hotel opening days May-September. Special guided tours for groups can be ordered

Public transportation

The final stop for bus 439 is at Stenslätten, near the ferry terminal. To reach the hotel, walk approximately 800 meters along Fredriksborgsvägen. Alternatively, the hotel offers a pickup service for both guests and luggage. If you are coming from Vaxholm, take bus 688 to Fredriksborg, where you can catch a free 3-minute ferry across the strait to Stenslätten.


From Stockholm East, take Road 222 towards Värmdö; it later becomes Road 274. Follow this route until you see the sign for "Fredriksborgs Fästning," approximately 500 meters before Stenslätten. Turn right and continue along the small road for about 800 meters until you reach the hotel parking lot.

If you're coming from Stockholm North, head south on E20 towards Norrtälje. Take the exit towards Vaxholm and then board the ferry to Rindö. Afterward, take another ferry to Värmdö/Stenslätten, and drive approximately 800 meters to the hotel.