Sea kayaking course - level 1

Our Level 1 Sea kayaking fundamentals is so far our most popular kayak course. A course content is very much practical-based so there will be a little theory and a lot of exercises on the water to boost your paddling skills.
... and yes, you will get wet! No water, no fun but we have a warm sauna waiting for us after all!
Courses are in English as we used to have very international guests which makes us very happy ūüôā Other dates, priv groups or swedish speaking leader is possible on request.
Goal: develop your paddling skills and practice rescueing

A course content is very much practical-based, corresponding to Euro Paddle Pass Yellow / BC Paddle Explore. In fact you will get more than that because we added elements from higher levels which we consider important for you.

Course will cover things like:
- kayaking equipment, carrying and loading
- launching and landing in different spots
- route planning and weather forecast
- efficient paddling technique
- changing direction, turning and moving sideways
- edging and avoiding capsizes
- paddling as a part of group , how to help a friend
- capsizing, wet exit and re-enter kayak, T-rescue
- balance exercises

Not sure if that's something for you? Don't be shy and drop us a line! We are happy to advice you.
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Join us to discover the amazing world of Sea Kayaking! 

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