Archipelago Kayaking, Camping Trip 2/3d


Explore the archipelago and the Baltic Sea by kayak. Paddle into a far stretched world that exists of 30.000 islands. During this adventure you will experience beautiful scenery firsthand in one of Europe’s most unique environment, and will have a blast trying a new activity with friends as well!

Environment: We'll paddle around those polished, granite islands which have made the Stockholm archipelago famous. Created by the last ice age, they remind us of a giant who has scattered pebbles the size of cars over the Baltic Sea. We will also pass huge forest covered islands and high cliffs towering out from the water.

Wildlife: White tailed eagles are regularly spotted! Osprey as well. This area is also very rich in other bird life. Wild swans, geese, eider, loons, arctic terns, great cormorants, are all among regularly seen birds. We can also see grey seals.

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