Hiking in the Stockholm Archipelago

What's a self guided hike?

Our knowledge, your experience! We provide you with the how, the where and the equipment; all you need is the enthusiasm and some experience.

We provide:

  • HOW – detailed map, compass and a description of the hike.
  • WHERE – instructions on how to get to the trailhead.
  • EQUIPMENT – daypack/rucksack, our delicious classic outdoor lunch to keep you well fueled and smiling, hot and cold drinks, seat mat so you can rest wherever you please, ice grips for your shoes during the winter.

We also share our local insider knowledge with you to make things easier and more enjoyable!


1st person 380 SEK

Extra persons 180 SEK pp


If you are in Stockholm for a few days, we highly recommend you get out into the archipelago where 30,000 islands are awaiting exploration! This hike is on one of the islands out there, and will not only give you a good hike but some spectacular scenery and fabulous views. When you break for coffee or lunch you can also take a dip in the Baltic Sea and maybe observe some wildlife. Along the way you’ll not only see pine-tree forests, rocky landscapes, beautiful beaches, lakes and marshes, but also picturesque traditional red wooden houses, harbours and ruins. This hike will give you a real insight into typical Swedish archipelago life!

General information:
Distance: 10 – 13 km / Duration: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: 2 – moderate / Total height difference: 300m

Travel time to the trailhead:
By public transport: 1 hour / By car: 40 minutes
*PLEASE NOTE: The timings for the public transport to the ‘Archipelago Hike’ trailhead are infrequent and change regularly, so if you would like to do this tour please communicate with us so we can check the times and let you know if it’s possible/when you should pick up your equipment.


Private Guided Hiking

If you'd rather be guided then we offer a private guided experience which included transport to/from the city and an experienced guide to show you the trails, relay stories and information and serve a delicious freshly prepared lunch.

You’ll hike through forest, over rocky outcrops, along beaches and past lakes. You’ll get to see pretty harbours, traditional red wooden houses and homesteads, and hopefully plenty of wildlife. Moose, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer and Red Foxes live on the larger islands and during the summer months they swim between them. White-tailed/Sea eagles, Canadian Geese, Eider, Loons, Arctic Terns, Ospreys, Great Cormorants and other migratory birds can be seen all summer out in the archipelago. The flora and fauna in the archipelago is astonishing!

During the summer months the days are long, the sun is warm, and the Baltic Sea is inviting! We will make sure to stop in the sunniest and most sheltered area for lunch, where you are welcome to swim and sunbathe should you wish.

It is also possible to visit a sauna, so let us know what you enjoy, or if you have any special requests, and we will tailor the itinerary to suit you.


5990 SEK (up to 4 persons)

990 SEK pp (from 5-8 persons)