Kayaking in the archipelago of Vaxholm year round – 2 days

Day 1
Skärgårdens kanotcenter will provide you with kayak and outdoor equipment and put together a custom made kayaking route and suitable places to stay.
Make your kayak trip to Bogesundslandet Nature Reserve. For about 1000 years ago there were Vikings living in this area, now you can admire outstanding nature with plenty of wildlife. Take a lunch break and eat something delicious while sunbathing on warm rocks and camp overnight.
Day 2
Kayaking to Rindö harbor - have a glimt of the old picturesque houses, The Citadel and Oskar Fredriksborg.
Have a picnic lunch in Rindö harbor with a view over Oxdjupet and watch the cruise ships passing by to Finland and Tallinn.
Stay overnight by camping on any of the islands or stay at any accommodation in Vaxholm. 
Vaxholm: Bus 670 from Tekniska högskolan/Stockholm to Engarn/Vaxholm.
Approximate travel time: 45 minutes.