Storholmens Viking summer

Storholmen Viking Village - Norrtälje, Norrtälje
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You meet this in the Viking village!

In the Viking village live a large number of Vikings who teach and show Viking-old everyday chores, crafts and let you try-on, taste and feel what it could have been like to live in Roslagen during the Viking era.

You meet blacksmiths, shepherds, spinners, and other craftsmen who teach what they can. Try, for example, forging, felting wool, braiding baskets, rowing out with our Viking boat, go to run school, or bake your own thin bread over the fire. view our fighters and participate in the fighting games yourself. The chieftain and the housewife tell you everything you want to know about the Vikings' lives and lives.

Every now and then during the day, the fist or horn sounds over the village. This is the signal that some special activity begins. It can be a show of Viking-era games, songs and music, a lecture or the storyteller tells a story.

The environment and surroundings

In the museum there isa number of reconstructed buildings that create authentic atmosphere on site. Our newly built long hall is a full 24m long and is finished externally, it will be the village's largest reconstruction. Contributing to the atmosphere also makes the beautiful scenery by the lake. Just a stone's throw away is a nature reserve with 165 burial mounds and the viking from the Viking Age.

Opening hours

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12: 00-16: 00 Tuesday to Saturday, between the 21st of July and the 8th of August

Price information

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Adult: 100kr

Children 3-15 years: 90 SEK

Pensioner: SEK 90

Children 0-2 years: Free

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| About 500m from the bus stop, Svanberga store. Walk towards the beach and then follow the signs.


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Within walking distance of the village is the pizzeria and swimming area with beach.

We are open in all weathers! Indoor environments are available.


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Road 76, 1 mile north of Norrtälje


Pets allowed