Waffles and coffee in the garden at Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast


Welcome to enjoy waffles, ice cream and coffee the garden at Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast. Have a seat under the cherry tree or bake as many waffles as you like. if it rains you sit in front of the fireplace in the Greenhouse instead.

In the connecting shop you will find local specialities like the Vaxholm fabric and local cheese and coffee roasted at our neighbour island Rindö.


June 1st - 30th: Mondays to Fridays 12 - 4pm

July 1st - 15th: CLOSED

July 16th - August 4th: Mondays to Fridays 12 - 4pm

August 5th - 11th: CLOSED

August 12th - 23rd: Mondays to Fridays 12 - 4pm