Ytterby mine is recognized as an important historical landmark.



Welcome when Ytterby mine is recognized on April 27th


On April 27, Ytterby is awarded the mine prize for its role as an important historical landmark. Then the public is welcomed to a full day with lectures and boat trip to the ceremony. For those who wish, a guided tour is provided at the mine.

A heavy black stone was found at Ytterby mine at Resarö just over 200 years ago. It was the beginning of an outstanding development in Swedish chemical research. Here, 23 elements were found, of which four have been named after the site; yttrium, ytterbium, terbium and erbium.

The importance of the mine for the history of chemistry, how it has contributed to the chemistry and that the site is part of the Nordic cultural heritage was what prompted the European Chemical Society (EuChemS) to choose just the Outer Mine as one of two recipients of the prize'Historical landmark'. The purpose of the prize is also to increase awareness of the importance of different places for the history of chemistry.


Conference, boat trip, guiding and unveiling

In connection with the awards ceremony, lectures are held on Ytterby mine and the periodic table that this year celebrates the 150th anniversary. The lectures at Kronängsskolan and the awards ceremony at Ytterby mine are open to the public, on Saturday 27 April.


For the day, a program consisting of:

  • symposium (academic conference) - Historical landmark, for the public, at Kronängsskolan
  • boat trip from Fredriksberg bridge to Ångbåtsbryggan Ytterby
  • visit at Ytterby mine where the plaque is uncovered
  • guided tour at the mine (pre-registration required)
  • boat trip from Ångbåtsbryggan Ytterby back to Vaxholm
  • possibility of ingestion: own food bag or pre-orderedlunch sandwich


Leave the car at home when parking spaces are extremely limited.

Registration must be made no later than 16/4 - 19.