Ice Fishing

This time of year, we fish for pike, zander, perch or rainbow
trout and the chance of getting a big fish is often better on the ice
than during other seasons. Ice fishing can also be combined
with other activities of course.

A fire, together with for example
hotdogs or hamburgers can be arranged, as well as a more
advanced barbecue. The execution of ice fishing activities can vary, depending on weather, ice thickness and your request.

We use utility sleds that are well equipped with everything we might need during the day. The activities only take place on totally safe ice and every participant gets a pair of ice claws. We recommend warm
and comfortable clothes.

Start with thermal underwear and thick socks and then add layers. A good thing to have is an outer layer that is wind- and somewhat waterproof. Last, but not least, waterproof and warm boots. A backpack with some extra clothes, gloves, socks is always a good idea. We do provide floatation suits and something to sit on. Cold and warm drinks (non- alcoholic) are
always includes, as well as some Swedish bakery.

Contact information

Stegesundsvägen 63
185 99 Vaxholm
Phone: +46-854491320
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