Vikingaleden - The Viking Trail (St Olav Waterway) – a New Walking Trail


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The pilgrim’s way runs through beautiful parts of the archipelago, from Åbo via Åland to Grisslehamn in the Roslagen area of Sweden. The new stretch offers a total of 63 kilometres easy hiking from the small fishing village of Grisslehamn, at the gateway to the Sea of Åland, to Gimo. It is a walk through the eastern parts of Uppland, passing numerous places of historical interest. Along the way you will enjoy wild nature, a living countryside, churches, iron works villages as well as rare types of flora and fauna. At Älvkarleby the trail connects to Helgonleden and you may choose to continue in the footsteps of St Olav onto Trondheim. 

Along the way you will find a large variety of accommodation, whether you prefer simple standards or staying at a high star-rated hotel.

The Viking Trail is a total of 1,200 kilometres from Åbo in Finland to Trondheim in Norway.

THE VIKING TRAIL consists of a total of 12 parts, stretching from Grisslehamn to Älvkarleby. Part 6 of the Viking Trail joins the Upplandsleden trail. From there on you need to follow signs and directions for Upplandsleden. The complementing colour markings for the Viking Trail are dark red and appears together with the cross of St Olav.

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The Viking trail part 1, Grisslehamn to Trästabron 8.2 km

The Viking trail part 2, Trästabron to Häverö church 9.3 km

The Viking trail part 3, Häverö church to Häverödal 9.1 km

The Viking trail part 4, Häverödal to Sanda 15 km

The Viking trail part 5, Sanda to Harg 17.9 km

The Viking trail part 6, Harg to Gimo 14.1 km

The Viking trail part 7, Gimo to Österbybruk 23.7 km

The Viking trail part 8, Österbybruk to Risön 18.8 km

The Viking trail part 9, Risön to Lövstabruk 16.2 km

The Viking trail part 10, Lövstabruk to Västland 19.4 km

The Viking trail part 11, Västland to Marma 16.5 km

The Viking trail part 12, Marma to Älvkarleby 13.3 km

Historically, pilgrims used to walk in the footsteps of St Olav from Novogorod in Russia, through Finland and Sweden, to Nidaros in Norway, today known as the city of Trondheim.

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The Viking trail, which is part of the St Olav Waterway, was inaugurated in June 2019. The pilgrim’s way will be marked out during the spring and autumn of 2019. Please be careful to follow existing roads and trails if you choose to walk the trail before   the markings are completed. The freedom to roam applies, but please respect private land signs.