Guided bus tour


Join Viking Sten on a guided bus tour, where we among other things, travel down the legendary Rune stone road. Here we visit the rune stone that Sten erected for his father Toste. Toste was one of the participants in the adventurous Ingvar expedition.

Viking Sten also takes you to Ösmo medieval church. We marvel at the imaginative ceiling paintings made by Albertus Pictor in the 15th century.

Nynäshamn´s recent history and the present is best experienced during a visit to the town of Nynäshamn. Find out how luminaries as Alfred Nobel, Moa Martinson, August Strindberg and General Axel Axelsson Johnson have had an impact on the small town development.

A tour along the east coast's most beautiful road, Strandvägen, with views off the open sea and the horizon, tend to fascinate the most.
Lövhagen Nature Reserve and a cup of coffee at the idyllic café can be a lovely end to the tour.

The above described tour  takes about 3 hours. With lunch and visit to the harbor, the bus tour is a full-day program.
The tour will be designed to suit your individual preferences. Here are suggestions for what a short guided tour can contain.

1 hour (one of the following):
Guided tour in Ösmo church.
Bus tour along the Rune stone road with a visit to Tostes rune stone.
The tour of the Nynäshamn's locality, including the scenic Strandvägen.
Guided walk at Lövhagen nature reserve.
Guided walk in the harbor and the city center.

2 hours:
Put together two of the above tours

Contact information

Grevgatan 20B
Contact: Lennart Thunqvist
Phone: +46-707510537



The guided bus tour can start at any chosen place in Nynäshamn.
Many groups have chosen to start the tour at Ösmo plant shop, located at Route 73 / route 225.