Öregrund, Norrtälje

Gräsö is Sweden’s tenth largest island and one of the most beautiful. You get here easily via car ferry from Öregrund.

Gräsö has a unique cultural landscape with its untouched outer archipelago, lush forests and multiple species of orchids and bird's-eye primrose amongst other plants. Gräsö is known for salty baths in glistening waters and sundrenched cliffs with seabirds and flowers in every crevice. The island invites for bike rides and exploratory kayak trips. Here you can find lovely bike paths, camping, hostels and cabins.

Every year Gräsö art tour is being arranged, during which artists all over the island host art showings of their homes, boathouses and rustic farms.

Örskär’s lighthouse just north of Gräsö is the archipelago’s northernmost outpost by the open sea. Here you can find a hostel offering food and beverages. You can swim and fish from rounded cliffs, hike amongst the orchids, sea buckthorn and singing pool frogs in the nature reserve and climb the grand lighthouse designed by the castle architect Carl Håleman. Here SMHI (Swedish Metrological and Hydrological Institute) has a weather station, which is mentioned on the radio daily.

 Örskär is the perfect place for bird watching with an impressive list of rare birds. Eagles can be seen here most every day. The flora is rich and a total of 18 species of orchids can be found here.

Rävsten southeast of Gräsö is an archipelago paradise with rich flora and exciting bird life. Here you can find a cabin village, exterior hot tubs, tent grounds, rowboats and kayaks.