Öregrund, Östhammar


This small town by the sea is a charming idyllic place, offering decorative woodwork and atmosphere and tempts the visitor with colorful sunsets by the ocean. Öregrund in Roslagen is one of the country’s most well preserved wooden cities and the only city on the Swedish east coast where the sun sets over the ocean.

Öregrund was build as early as 1491 and became a central seafaring competitor to Stockholm. The iron from the world’s leading Vallonian black smiths in the area was called “Oregrund iron” after Öregrund, which had the exclusive rights to ship the iron across the world.

Stroll along the small streets and alleys, botanize in the quaint shops and enjoy the local delicacies, pastries and food at the restaurants and cafés. In summertime the boat life awaits, open-air restaurants, clubs and the Roslag race with the Boatweek and many famous artists. Öregrund Monday offers music by the lighthouse ship and the local Swim days transforms all of Öregrund back to the 19th century when the city offered the east coast’s most popular medicinal and seaside resorts.

Far into fall the cliffs invite for picnics in the sunset. Fall, winter and spring a tranquil calm awaits, excellent well-made food, strolls and bike rides interchanged with kayaking, fishing, ice skating and skiing.

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Hamntorget 1
74242 Öregrund
Phone: +46-767650660

E-mail: info@visitroslagen.se
Website: www.roslagen.se

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