Östhammar, Norrtälje

The pretty little town of Östhammar extends a warm east coast welcome. Known for its its traditional wooden houses, attractive leafy gardens, shopping opportunities, and charm, Östhammar was already a thriving seaside and holiday resort as far back as the 1800s.

Östhammar is the main settlement in the district of the same name and was granted a town charter in 1368. In the 1400s, post glacial uplift which led to the town moving further from the shoreline caused such problems that residents of the town moved to Öregrund instead. Many of them eventually returned.

There are small boutiques and restaurants dotted around the Town Hall (Rådhuset) and the idyllic little Rådhustorget Square. A stones’ throw from there is the harbour where you’ll find local arts and crafts, ‘fika’ (swedish coffe break) and food.

Sjötorget Square is the perfect place for a picnic. There’s a play park as well as a beach volleyball court, a skate ramp, outdoor gym and a painted outdoor chess board. Not far from there is the lovely beach at Krutudden.

Enjoy the blooms in the leafy gardens as you stroll along Södra Tullportsgatan towards the sea. Östhammar doesn’t just cultivate greenery, but words and culture as well, putting on the Östhammars Ordfestival (Word Festival), and the Lars Mohlin festival. You can walk in the film director Lars Mohlin’s footsteps and visit the places where ‘Badjävlar’ was filmed, in Östhammar and Öregrund. Download an app on your smartphone and explore by yourself, or go on an accompanied walk of the historic town with a guide.

Contact information

Rådhustorget 1
74242 Östhammar
Phone: +46-767650660

E-mail: info@visitroslagen.se
Website: www.roslagen.se

Public transportation


From Uppsala:
Drive along road 288 towards Östhammar.

From Stockholm:
Travel 70 km north along the E4 road to Uppsala. From Uppsala follow signs to road 288 to Östhammar.

From Arlanda:
Drive along the E4 going north to Uppsala. From Uppsala follow the instructions above.

From Gävle:
Follow road 76 to Östhammar.