Nynäs Rökeri (smokehouse), shop and Restaurant Kökeriet


Welcome to Nynäs Rökeri, Nynäs Smokehouse, and buy newly smoked fish and sea food, in the charming shop. You can also find fresh and smoked shrimps, salmon, mackerel and the smokehouse own pickled herring.  You can also enjoy the delicacies on Nynäs Rökeri's restaurant Kökeriet.

Nynäs Rökeri (smokehouse) and Fish hall was started 1986. The boutique is charming, old fashioned with manual service and highly qualified staff. Here you can find fresh and smoked shrimps, salmon, mackerel and the smokehouse own pickled herring. You can also find delicatecies like Utölimpa (a special loaf), honey from Herrö bee farm, chocolate from Åre, cheese, olive oil etc.

Rökeriet is firsthand recipients from the local fishermen in the area.

Next door to the fish shop you will find Kökeriet, that has a built-in porch and outdoor seating. Outdoors, there are about 100 places and indoors around 40. Table reservations can be made via telephone during the autumn and winter, phn +46 (0)8-520 100 26

Contact information

Fiskargränd 6
Phone: +46-852010023

E-mail: info@nynasrokeri.se
Website: www.nynasrokeri.se

Public transportation


Take road 73 from Stockholm to Nynäshamn. Follow signs towards Fiskehamn.

Commuter train line 35 to Nynäshamn Station. (End station.) The Fishing Harbour is situated close to the station.

For information regarding the train, please contact SL. Telephone +46 8 600 10 00 or visit www.sl.se/en

Arlanda Airport is situated about 100 km north of Nynäshamn. Take road E4 towards Stockholm and the road 73 to Nynäshamn. Or take the train to Stockholm Central Station and then the commuter train to Nynäshamn.