Blidösundsbolaget - Boat Excursions in the archipelago


The shipping company Blidösundsbolaget offers a number of boat excursions in the Stockholm-Roslagen archipelago.  

Some cruises take place with the steamship s / s Blidösund, while others take place with the modern boats that run on regular service ( by Waxholmsbolaget).

The range is varied and you will find the complete program on Blidösundsbolaget's website Generally tours depart from Strömkajen in Stockholm and it is possible to get on at the jetties along the route.

A selection of Boat Excursions and Music Cruises

Day trip to Norröra / Saltkråkan

Follow the 105 years old steamship Blidösund to Saltkråkan, she departs from Stockholm and Furusund on her way to Norröra isalnd (Saltkråkan). On board the Blidösund ship there is a 1st class steamboat dining room where you can buy lunch or reserve a table for dinner. On Norröra you can take part in a "We on Salt Crow island" (swedish only). 

The tour runs on Sundays during summer.

* Passengers from the Stockholm and Vaxholm change conveniently to s / s Blidösund at Glyxnäs jetty on Blidö at 11:10 and continue with the steamship to Norröra and  all the way back to Stockholm. Passengers from Furusund and jetties in the Blidö Strait travel with s / s Blidösund all day.

Boat trip to Siaröfortet - The island with its own fortress

A visit to this fortress is an unforgettable experience, and you can join a guided tour or else make your own way around with the help of our audio guide, which is available in both Swedish and English.

On Kyrkogårdsön/Siaröfortet there are secluded outcrops and small beaches from which to go swimming, and the old and beautifully renovated barracks from the 1920s now contain a hostel with rooms for two or four people, a summer restaurant and a wood-burning sauna by the shore.

Music cruises with s/s Blidösund - An evening on the sea with music, food & beverage.
We mix old and new, artists who have played for 25 years with the new faces in jazz, ballads, pop, blues, soul and rock accompanied by good food and drink and the archipelago of Stockholm in the sunset. Visit for artistic programs, severance jetties, schedule and ticket information.

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