Årsta castle trail


We invite you to hike along the exciting trails of Årsta castle!

There are two paths to choose from.

Fredrikaslingan is an easy walk in the castle’s romantic park and the near vicinity of the castle. It’s accessible for people with limited mobility.

The Historic Trail is a longer walk around the wider environs of the castle, which passes through a lovely undulating countryside, and tells you more about the region’s long history. This trail has two routes, the north route which is 3 km long and the south route which is 2 km. The terrain is varied and occasionally less accessible. 

There are two restaurants in the area – Årsta castle restaurant and HaningeStrand Golf Restaurant. The trails cross Haninge Golf Club’s course. Look out for golf balls and electric fences!  

The ancient monuments are protected by the Heritage Conservation Act. It is forbidden to dig or damage the area that the remains are in, or use a metal detector without permission.

Contact information

13681 Haninge
Contact: Gunnel Stenqvist
Phone: +46-8310619

E-mail: gunnel.stenqvist@sh.se
Website: http://www.fredrikabremer.net/

Public transportation


By car:
Start from Stockholm Central Station. Drive towards Södermalm. Keep left following signs for Nynäshamn. Exit right for Dalarö. Keep left on route 227/259 towards Dalarölänken Dalarö. Turn right onto Österhaningevägen. Turn left at Årsta Havsbadsvägen then right on to Västra Allén.