Gustavsberg, Värmdö

The small island of Rögrund lies just off the channel between Dalarö and Stavsnäs, where Jungfrufjärden meets Nämdöfjärden. Rögrund is an archipelago paradise with both hostel and dining - a perfect destination for both families and companies where the guest house Grundet is open for camps and conferences. Rögrund has an intimate atmosphere - a visit to the hostel or restaurant is a little like visiting someone at home.From the lookout tower, you can see all over the archipelago. There are cliffs around the whole island, and it is often easy to get down to the sea. Rögrund is very suitable for families with young children. Far out on the southern tip, Grandfather Christensen, in 1931, built a concrete crocodile that children love to climb on. Many sailors who have passed by Rögrund have wondered about the very visible crocodile statue. Take along the ingredients for a blueberry pie if you visit in summer. On Rögrund, blueberries grow as big as the American-grown ones and on shrubs that can better be described as bushes.  

Contact information

Skogsbovägen 9-11
13481 Gustavsberg
Phone: +46-857047000

E-mail: info@visitvarmdo.se
Website: www.visitvarmdo.se

Public transportation

Rögrund is accessible only by boat. Travel with Waxholmsbolaget from Stavsnäs in Värmdö or Saltsjöbaden in Nacka. Expect a travel time of approximately 1 hour.