Gustavsberg, Värmdö

Runmarö is a lively island of  exciting and varying nature that has inspired many artists including Tranströmer, Strindberg, Forsell and Törneman. Commonly known as "the author's island," Runmarö is one of the nearest islands in the Värmdö archipelago; the boat trip from Stavsnäs takes just 10 minutes and the boats go regularly all year round. In summer, the meadows bloom orchids and Runmarö can show off 27 different species. The buildings are mostly concentrated in villages, most of which have authentic archipelago houses. Runmarö showcases a very exciting and varied nature, and the island actually has nine lakes, although they call them marshes here. One of these is the Magical Silver Swamp, which was acknowledged by Strindberg. In July, popular cultural events take place, such as Runmarö Day as well as different theatre performances. The island has a large resident population and a broad range of services with shops, bakeries and restaurants. Thanks to its proximity to the outer archipelago, Runmarö is a great starting point for kayak tours. On the southern part of the island, by  Solberga Gård, you can rent kayaks, shop for handmade crafts in the farm shop, or enjoy the view from the garden café. Telegrafberget - the island's highest point can also be found there.  It's a popular destination with breathtaking views of all the outward islands.