Nämdö is an entire archipelago where the main island, Nämdö, is surrounded by hundreds of islands and islets. Nämdö is archipelago nature at its most beautiful. From its lush forests and flowering meadows to the outer archipelago's barren rocks and cliffs, Nämdö is one of the few large islands that still shows off original buildings and still remains unexploited. Animal life is rich and the sea eagle can often be seen on the hunt. The animals at Östanvik's farm dating from the 1500s keeps the landscape open and alive. Several well-protected nature and cultural trails begin at the farm, which also runs a small farm shop.      

Walk or cycle to the lookout tower on Nämdöböte and get a view of the small islands farthest out toward the sea. Take a tour of the little archipelago museum in Sand, which is open in high season. Take a look at the beautiful church and the cemetery where the maid Lotten and farmhand Norman of Hemsöborna lay buried. In the church hangs a crown that Strindberg wrote about in his novel, Sjönödslöfte.  And, if you would like to meet a relative of the person who donated the crown, stop by at the shop in Solvik and ask for Kerstin. There is also a small restaurant in the beautiful archipelago overlooking the water. The island is suitable for camping.

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