The oblong island of Yxlan lies between Furusund and Blidö. On the northern tip is the idyllic community of Köpmanholm with its large houses with glass verandas and small, red cottages. This is where the pilot and customs officials lived when the fairway in the the Blidö strait was a main artery in maritime commerce. Yxlan is popular because of the beautiful villages of Kolsvik, Alsvik, Yxlö, Alsvassena and Vagnsunda. Boats from Åland and Finland often pass along the Furusund strait, west of Yxlan. On the northeastern side of Yxlan is a bathing area from where you can look out toward the open sea over the Gräskö Bay. Blidö is in the Svartlöga Bay southeast of Norrtälje, by the Blidö strait near Yxlan, and with the open sea as its neighbour to the east. Thanks to its location with ferry connections from the mainland via Yxlan, Bildö has long been one of Roslagen's most popular summer vacation areas. Blidö offers many different opportunities for activities and relaxation. In Stämmarsund, there is a classic Roslag boat, Sandkilen Helmi, for viewing-, passenger- and charter sailing. Here you'll find the archipelago restaurant, Blidö Hamnkrog, cabins, hostels, as well as bike and rowboat rentals. There's also Blidö kayak rentals. In Blidö church, built in the 1850s, you can listen to jazz, while musical and cultural events are held at Blidö cinema.

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Lilla Brogatan 3
76130 Norrtälje
Phone: +46-767650660

E-mail: info@visitroslagen.se
Website: www.roslagen.se


From Stockholm, take the E18 north, turn off on road 276 through Åkersberga and follow the signs to Furusund. Then take the car ferry to Yxlan and then Blidö. Travel time approx. 1 hr and 40 min resp. 1 hrs and 55 min