Rådmansö is Svealand's most eastern point - a peninsula on the coast of Roslagen in Norrtälje. Here you'll find a beautiful landscape along a panoramic, breathtaking archipelago. Kapellskär, Gräddö, Räfsnäs and Södersvik are all in Rådmansö, and offer culture, entertainment and adventure for both young and old. Ferries go to Kapellskär from Åland, Finland and Estonia. There are several accommodation and conference facilities, swimming and camping spots with cabins, sailboat rentals, rowboats and kayaks. There are also cafés, restaurants, bakeries and event-planning companies. For boat owners, there are guest harbours and marine service stations. Farthest out on Rådmansö, by the Furusund fairway, is Riddersholm's nature reserve - a perfect excursion-destination all year round. In this maritime environment, the archipelago alternates between leafy groves, oak woods, herb-rich spruce forests, meadows and beaches. The groves have a rich bird life and have practically all the flora that is found in Roslagen. Lichen, moss, and fungus flora are rich in different species, many of which are red-listed. In Riddersholm, in May, one of Sweden’s densest populations of primrose can be found by the old mill built in the 1700s. The local museum, Sladdstycket, is beautifully located in the middle of Riddersholm's nature reserve.

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Lilla Brogatan 3
76130 Norrtälje
Phone: +46-767650660

E-mail: info@visitroslagen.se
Website: www.roslagen.se


From Stockholm, take the E18 north toward Norrtälje and Kapellskär. Travel time: approx. 1 hr and 10 min.