Åkersberga, Norrtälje

The island Ingmarsö got its name from all the lakes or 'inmarer,' as they are also called. Inmarsö, as it was called then, has transformed into Ingmarsö, but the lakes remain, with names like Storträsk (Big Marsh), Lillträsk (Little Marsh), Bergmar and Maren. If you like to hike, you'll enjoy Ingmarsö with all its marked hiking trails. Brottö cultural reserve and Kålgård island's nature reserve are two popular destinations. In the harbour, you can eat well at the archipelago restaurant, watch boats in the guest harbour, or rent a canoe. Get off the archipelago ferry at one of the jetties and start exploring the island. If you wish to stay the night, there are several cottages and bed & breakfasts.