Fejan is a small, yet very beautiful island, right on the border of the Åland Sea. At the end of the 1800's, a quarantine station was established here to stop the last cases of cholera in Sweden. The building is still there. Today, Fejan's Archipelago Restaurant and Conference, whose cuisine has been awarded a spot in the White Guide, is housed in what used to be the quarantine station's boat house (and autopsy room!).

The Congo House was built to be a missionary house in the Congo, but it was moved to Fejan and became a doctor's residence instead. Today, together with the Wasa house, it serves as Fejan's hostel. Here, you'll also find guest harbours, kayak rentals, a small shop and a wood sauna. The largest part of Fejan is privately owned, but Stockholm Archipelago Foundation has owned and managed the oldest quarantine station on northeastern Fejan since 1995.

Please note that Fejan's Archipelago Restaurant and Fejan´s hostel is closed during 2016.

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From Stockholm, take the E18 north and turn off toward Kapellskär. Drive approximately 20 km, then turn left towards Räfsnäs and Gräddö. After 3 km, turn right toward Räfsnäs jetty. About 200 metres before the jetty, you’ll find visitor's parking to the right. From there, take the boat to Fejan.