The Southern Coastline


Along Haninge's southern coastline are numerous palaces and manors. Visit Haringe Palace and take note of its history and all its celebrity guests. Discover the lovely garden and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine by the pool. Stay the night in one of the rooms, if you wish. Relax over the weekend at Almåsa Konferens, book a table at the Svartkrogen restaurant where you can eat a meal in total darkness. Or visit Årsta Palace and get an interesting and exciting guided tour.
If you'd rather sunbathe and swim, visit the small coastal area Årsta Havsbad or Östnora's popular swimming and camping area. You can also play golf on one of the four golf courses in the area.
You can go to many parts of the southern coastline year round. Häringe Palace has food service and accommodation in winter, perfect after hiking or horseback riding.

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