On the island Nåttarö, you'll find the Stockholm archipelago's largest sand area and many beautiful sand beaches. The most famous is Stora Sand, but the slightly less known Skarsand is also recommended if you feel like swimming. Thanks to its unique flora and fauna, Nåttarö is a nature reserve and you can move freely over the entire island.
Come here to sunbathe, swim and fish! Go kayaking and cycling, or hike along trails through magical forests. Swim in the Stockholm archipelago's first snorkeling trail with underwater signs that tell about everything from prawns to checkered snails. And don't miss Drottninggrottan (Queen's Cave), where queen Maria Eleonora hid while waiting to flee the country. It is said that it was here she buried a gold box containing her deceased husband's heart.
Far to the north lies the mountain, Bötsudden, with its wonderful views. Here you'll also find preserved Russian ovens, remains from the Russian's ravage of the archipelago in 1719, when a large part of the archipelago's buildings were burnt down. In the island's most southern part, Nåttarö Hals, there is beautiful flora and a number of military monuments.
Bring along a picnic if you go here in fall and winter. The shops, restaurant, hostel and cottages are all closed. There is no regular boat traffic to the island in winter, but you can book a water taxi as long as there is no ice.

Contact information

Nåttarö Vandrarhem, stugor och camping
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Phone: +46-852015540

E-mail: stugbokning@nattaro.se
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Take Route 73 south from Stockholm to Nynäshamn and follow the signs to the harbour. Between Easter and mid-December,you can then take the Waxholm boat toward Ålö. The boat leaves from Fiskebryggan jetty, right next to the commuter train station. Get off at the Nåttarö jetty.
In winter, there is no regular boat traffic to Nåttarö. But you can book a private water taxi from Nynäshamn.