The island Landsort is the Stockholm archipelago's most southern outpost. The most famous site is Landsort's magnificent lighthouse, which is the oldest in Sweden. The island has an impressive pilot history, striking natural beauty and rich bird life.

If you're lucky, you can see both sea eagles and seals. Go out to Landsort and enjoy being at the farthest end of the coastal strip. Visit the beautiful Landsort Chapel and historical places like Pestkyrkogården (the Plague Cemetery) and the magical labyrinth. Or pre-book a guided tour of the Landsort artillery battery, an underground defence system from the Cold War, which is now a museum.

Stroll around and see this year's sculpture exhibition, where artwork is displayed all around the island - with the open horizon as a backdrop. If you want to stay the night, Landsort's Hostel, Bed& Breakfast in the old pilot's tower  and Sjöblom's cottages are open year round.

In summer, there is also a guest harbour on the northern part of the island. In the charming village of Storhamn, there is a store, pub, and food service during summer. Here, you'll also find Sjöpricken's ceramics studio and Svedtilja's restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all year round if you pre-book your visit.

Contact information

149 50 Nynäshamn
Phone: +46-852073700


Public transportation


Road 73 towards Nynäshamn. Follow signs towards Nynäshamn Norra and then towards Torö/Herrhamra. Follow the road 20 km to Ankarudden where there is a parking lot.

Commuter train, line 35 (SL – Stockholms Lokaltrafik) to Nynäshamn station. Then Bus 852 (SL) to Ankarudden.

Boat (Waxholmsbolaget) from Ankarudden to Landsort.

For information regarding train, bus and boat, please contact SL. Telephone +46 8 600 10 00 or visit or