Åkersberga, Österåker

Finnhamn was one of the Stockholm archipelago's first holiday havens and the islands are still among the archipelago's most visited. Today the island is owned and managed by The Archipelago Foundation, and large parts are classified as nature reserves thanks to the island's unique scenery and numerous flora. You can wander through deciduous forests, meadows and vibrant farming communities in the west, and primeval forests and barren archipelago landscapes in the east. The Finnhamn Trail is a 2 km long, self-guided hike where you can learn more about Finnhamn's unique nature. If you're observant, you can also see many different bird species, deer, badgers and foxes.
You can get to Finnhamn by ferry all year round. The island's character and attractions change over the seasons. In early summer, nature is at its most beautiful and biodiversity can be observed at its best. In peak summer months, there are plenty of visitors, the shop and restaurant are open, and you have a number of different leisure activities and types of accommodation to choose from. In the fall and winter, you'll be greeted with tranquillity and silence. You can then relax with long, peaceful walks and a hot sauna with ice-hole swimming. Rather than eating at the restaurant, take a packed lunch or cook your own food in the hostel's kitchen.