Grinda, Värmdö

Grinda is a charming destination for the whole family. The island, also a nature reserve, is owned and managed by the Archipelago Foundation. There are nice and child-friendly bathing areas at both the southern and northern steamboat piers. The island also has several beautiful viewpoints. Take a stroll and enjoy the tranquility and nature. At the Grinda Gård farm, you can see chickens, cows and sheep in their natural environments. In the farm shop, which is open on certain days during the summer, you can buy eggs, vegetables, meat and sheepskin. Grinda also has a guest harbour, the pier restaurant "Framfickan", the inn Grinda Wärdshus, a general store and café. If you'd like to stay the night, there are hotels, hostels and cottages. Grinda is serviced daily by several ferries. Welcome to Grinda.

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130 32 Grinda
Phone: +46-857047000


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