Utö, Haninge

One of the largest islands in Stockholm's southern archipelago and perhaps one of the islands with the greatest variety of activities all year round. There's something here for everyone, whether they’re families with small children, senior citizens, nature lovers or newlyweds. You can take a day trip or stay the night at an inn, hostel or cozy cottage. On Utö, you'll find Sweden's oldest iron mines from the 1100s. The trenches, which you can still see, are filled with water - some of them 215 metres deep. For those who are interested, there's also a mining museum which tells about the mining industry's history. Utö, which is connected to Ålö, is perfect for those who want to cycle and, of course, there are bikes on the island to rent. You can also simply walk around on the different roads and paths. When it's hot outside, there's swimming everywhere. If you like fishing, there are many good coves for that, too. It's always nice to have a good meal after spending the day outdoors. In Utö, you'll find many restaurants and cafés with local specialties. Many of them are open year round, which makes Utö a popular destination for all seasons. Relax over a quiet weekend in autumn or spring. Or take the opportunity to go out on a winter day when the snow and ice have altered the landscape completely. Perhaps a Nordic skating tour around the island? Welcome to the Utö/Ålö!

Contact information

13056 Utö
Contact: Utö turistbyrå
Phone: +46-850157410

E-mail: info@utoturistbyra.se
Website: www.utö.se

Public transportation


Take road 73 from Stockholm, Slussen toward Nynäshamn. Turn off the motorway at the Utö sign. Follow the signs toward Utö or Årsta havsbad/brygga. Park your car here and continue with Waxholmsbolagts boat to Utö. Expected travel time is about 30 mins from Stockholm + 50 mins boat ride