Ljusterö, Österåker

Ljusterö is one of the largest islands in Stockholm's central archipelago. Here you can enjoy well preserved environments from the 1700’s, old archipelago towns, fishing villages and burial sites from the Iron Age, as well as a vibrant agricultural landscape. You'll also find golf courses, museums, art and artisans, pubs and hotels. A number of events are organized during the summer, such as the Ljusterö summer market and the opera at Ramsmora yards. The nature reserve Östra Lagnö has genuine Roslagen nature, wonderful bathing cliffs and beautiful views of the outer archipelago. Linanäs is the most popular part of the island. Here you can see many beautiful houses, restaurants, a café, grocery store, marina, and much more. Just outside of Ljusterö, you'll find Siarö fortress, a fortification from 1916. Today, it's a museum that shows how Stockholm would be defended in the event of an attack, but also displays the reality of war in a broader perspective. Follow along on a guided tour or take a swim within the shelter of the walls.

Contact information

Ljusterö Torg
18403 Ljusterö
Phone: +46-767650660

E-mail: info@visitroslagen.se
Website: www.roslagen.se

Public transportation

From Stockholm Central Station, take the red metro line to Danderyds Sjukhus. From there, take bus 626 towards Ljusterö. Approximate travel time: 1 hr and 45 mins.


Take the E18 from Stockholm toward Norrtälje. Turn off toward Åkersberga and continue on road 276. Turn right at Östanå Färjeläge, where you'll drive on board the car ferry to Ljusterö. Approximate travel time: approx. 45 mins + 5 mins car ferry.