Grisslehamn, Norrtälje

Grisslehamn is an archipelago community with a long history and active boat and fishing life. The community has inspired many artists and writers including Alberg Engström, who settled in Grisslehamn in 1902. His home and studio, located on a cliff by the Aland Sea, is now a museum where you can take guided tours to see his works and find out more about his life. On the hill beyond the Enström Museum, there is a replica of the optical telegraph, which was built more than two centuries ago. The telegraph was a precursor of today's digital communication and was based upon different hatches being opened and closed in a certain order. It could be read from far distances. Come along on a guided tour! Then, take a stroll in the harbour, buy fresh fish and enjoy the sea air. Close by is the Havsbaden Hotel with its lovely sea views and spa facilities. There are many restaurants, cafés, adventurous mini golf courses, guest harbours and camping. There are daily trips with the Eckerö boat line (Eckerölinjen) running between Grisslehamn and Eckerö on Åland.

Contact information

76045 Grisslehamn
Phone: +46-767650660


Public transportation

Take bus 676 from the Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm to Norrtälje. From there, switch to bus 637, which will take you further to Grisslehamn. Approximate travel time: 2 1/2 hrs.


Take the E18 from Stockholm northbound toward Norrtälje. At the roundabout into Norrtälje, follow the sign to Gävle. Continue straight ahead for about 30 km over the Älmsta bridge then turn left toward Grisslehamn.