Ljusterö - Eastern Lagnö nature reserve

Ljusterö, Österåker

Östra Lagnö and Brännholmen is clearly a special place. Being able to get this far out in the archipelago by car and then view the horizon is a unique experience. The best time out here is early summer, before it gets too crowded. The floral displays are simply breathtaking then, particularly by the sea, with all the waterside meadows. The path with disabled access is also recommended – a walk by the waterside here is a real highlight!

Beaten earth paths, adapted toilet facilities and car access, furthermore, make Östra Lagnö an ideal destination for people with disabilities.

Contact information

184 03 Ljusterö
Phone: +46-767650660

E-mail: info@visitroslagen.se
Website: http://skargardsstiftelsen....

Public transportation


Take the E18 from Stockholm toward Norrtälje. Turn off toward Åkersberga and continue on road 276. Turn right at Östanå Färjeläge, where you'll drive on board the car ferry to Ljusterö. Approximate travel time: approx. 45 mins + 5 mins car ferry. At Ljusterö Square follow the signs for West / East Langnö.

From Stockholm Central Station, take the red metro line to Danderyds Sjukhus. From there, take bus 626 towards Ljusterö. Approximate travel time: 1 hr and 45 mins. Get of at Ladängen / Västra Lagnö.