Nåttarö – Nature Reserve


Almost the whole island is covered with forest, where pine is the most common species. In many areas there are ancient pine and mixed forests with beds of moss and marshy areas. In the wetlands, common species like wild rosemary, cloudberry and hares-tail cottongrass grow, but also rarer plants like lesser twayblade, one flowered wintergreen and ryegrass sedge.

The wildlife and plant sanctuary of Nåttaröfladen, on several small surrounding islands and rocks, has a rich birdlife. Besides geese and gulls, you’ll find common shelduck, gadwall, scaup and velvet scoter. To protect the birds there’s no access to the sanctuary between 1 February and 15 August.

Nåttarö is a much loved swimmers paradise with its lovely beaches. Waxholms boats ferry people to and from the island and when you’re there you can enjoy peaceful walks along car free tracks and paths, and stay overnight in tents and cottages. Östermarsfladen to the north is a popular spot for sailing visitors.