Örskärs Lighthouse

Gräsö, Östhammar

Welcome to Örskär - the northernmost outpost of the Roslagen Archipelago! On Örskär you can swim and fish from the round smooth rocks, hike the forest trails in the nature reserve and go up in the magnificent lighthouse, designed by royal architect Carl Hårleman.

The perfect place for a day trip!
A tip is to go out with the 10:40 boat and go home with the 17:10 boat so you have time to both eat in the cafeteria and see most of the island. The boat journey must be booked in advance via telephone +46 (0)70-791 29 75. 

Visit Örskär Lighthouse
Entrance fee to the lighthouse: 20 SEK (under 12 years free of charge accompanied by an adult).

About Örskär
Örskär is an island in Roslagen's outer archipelago, immediately north of the island Gräsö. In the north and the east it's open sea as far as the eye can see. The island is about 400 ha (hektar) and most of Örskär is a Nature reserve (the yellow highlighted area on the map).

Örskär Lighthouse is still in operation and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) has a weather station on the island. Örskär is mentioned every day in the maritime weather forecast on Swedish Radio.

The island has several habitats with barren archipelago nature with sea buckthorn, pine forest and marshes along the shoreline.   The island's western part has a landscape influenced by the early farmes. 

During spring and autumn Örskär is a good spot for bird watching and the island showcases an impressive list of rare birds. The flora is rich and 18 different orchids have been found here. 

Boat trip
Note that the boat must be notified in advance on phone +46 (0)70-791 29 75. It's fine to inquire via SMS.

Hostel guests normally take the 14:40 boat from Norra Gräsö (Örskär Sund). When agreed upon the skipper can offer other departure times. Late evening / early morning tours and other special tours are charged extra.