Edblad's restaurant in Gåsvik

Väddö, Norrtälje

The restaurant is run by Head Chef Cecilia Wennström and her team. They have a passion for good, honest cooked food. Cecilia’s driving force is to support the many local producers. Every meal is prepared from scratch and is characterised by seasonal ingredients. Very often meals are experimented with unforeseen ingredients.

In the kitchen, no ingredients are disposed of unnecessarily. The staff are experts in making the most of all food products from the last bit of coffee for a loaf of bread, to making juice and jams from excess fruit and berries, and toasting leftover bread crusts for croutons. Saving resources requires both commitment and creative flair, but the benefits are reaped by the guests’ enjoyment of well cooked food. 

Contact information

Stora bagghusvägen 233 Gåsvik
760 40 Väddö
Phone: +46-176208752

E-mail: gasvikrestaurang@edblad.com
Website: www.edblad.com/se/page/edbl...

Opening hours

Mon-wedn 10-16
Thurs 10-21
Fri 10-19
Sat 10-21
Sun 10-16