Uppsala, Östhammar

Uppland Trail main route is 40 mil long and divided into three sections. There are also a number of loops along the trail. The advantage of going a loop is that you come back to the starting point where you have parked your car or jumped off the bus. Below are examples of a few loops, for full details and information about the various stages see:https://naturkartan.se/sv/upplandsleden

Dust Trail
Height: 12.5 km
Picnic areas: two shelters and two picnic areas.
Parking: Hammer at Gimo hotels in the west end of Bruksgatan or bath.
Bus: 811, stop Bruksgatan

Home Site "Hammer" is situated at the dam formerly regulated hydroelectric power to the iron industry. This was the basis for Gimo use in 1616 and in 1795 built the hammer mill which you see remnants of. Operations ceased 1917th

This very easy walking distancetakes between 4 and 5 hours depending on how long breaks and becomes curious about how this is. The path goes pretty much on forest roads, usually without traffic, but also on trails in the forest and along the beaches. At several places along the lake, you can pause and enjoy the views and birdlife. Rest areas located at distances of coffee or a barbecue. If you choose to join a summer hike clockwise you can finish with a swim in the nice swimming area near the parking lot.

Height: 6 km
Rest stop: -
Parking: At the tourist office or parking space in the center.
Bus: County Bus to the tourist office in Österbybruk

This trail offers both service history, service and nature. In the tourist office you'll get all the information about the mill's attractions, including the world's only preserved Walloon forge. The trail runs through the city and further a short, easy to walk the forest path and then end along Great Pond's beach. The walk takes a littlejust over two hours.


Height: 15.5 km
Picnic areas: -
Parking: Parking in Gimo

Gimo go Upplandsleden partly along route 288. Follow the road over the Olandsån. There you can choose the way to Fäboda where the trail turns back. This trail runs mainly through forests where you come into contact with modern forestry, ie clearcuts, young forests and forest roads. You also pass several old foundations where torparfamiljerna once lived and worked. The route is easy to walk as long pieces go along small roads.
Expect a hike of between five and six hours.