Furusunds Värdshus

Furusund, Norrtälje


In the northern parts of Stockholm archipelago, you find Furusund Värdshus with its associated conference facility and guest harbor. Here, right by the canal and the fairway, you can enjoy breathtaking views, excellent service and great food & beverage. In the same building as the restaurant you will find our hotel with bright, large rooms where you can sleep well with the sea as your nearest neighbor.

Contact information

Strandvägen 2
760 19 Furusund
Contact: Ann Fransson
Phone: +46-17680344

E-mail: info@furusundsvardshus.se
Website: info@furusundvardshus.se

Public transportation


  • Bastu
  • Konferensmöjligheter
  • Badplats