Grinda Wärdshus


Grinda Wärdshus

Grinda Wärdshus offers several types of accommodation. Hotel with high standards, cottages, hostels and a campsite.

The hotel

Our beautiful hotel is located just behind the Inn, just a few steps from the restaurant, bar and breakfast room.

The hotel rooms are located in four large houses named after the cardinal directions, and embedded in amazing natural surroundings. You have all the comfort you need and you will be able to sleep like a true archipelagist!

All rooms have shower and toilet. You can separate the twin beds if you prefer.

The hostel

The hostel is a little treasure on Grinda, perfect for those who want to spend time close to the archipelago on a low budget. This is the simple place to hang out, enjoy the views and tranquillity. The hostel is beautifully situated right by the sea in the southern part of the island, offering something for everyone in the family. Great spots for swimming, beautiful paths to stroll along, and lovely meadows for sports and games. The bedroom sleeps four, and the kitchen, which seats for up to 40 people, is located just a few steps away from the bedrooms. In the fully equipped kitchen with fridges, freezers, stoves, sinks and all equipment, you can cook your own food, set the table and do the dishes. There is a barbecue area and a sauna directly on the waterfront for rent. The rooms have sinks with running cold water, and there are several earth-closets and showers in the area. When staying at the hostel you bring your own bed linnen and towels. Bed linnen and towels can be rented at site.

Cabin Village

The cabin village holds 27 different cabins with the sea just a frisbee throw away. The cabins are beautifully situated along the southern ridge of the island, and you can easily walk down to the water from all of them. Surrounded by tranquillity, greenery and with private patios, the cabins make up a wonderful accommodation for those who want to enjoy nature, relax and pamper themselves. The cabins have 2-4 or 6 beds and they all have electricity and simply equipped kitchens with a refrigerator (including a freezer compartment), a stove with an oven, a barbecue grill, and there are containers to fetch water in. We have three semi-detached houses that are perfect for larger families. There are several earth-closets, water taps, a common shower cabin and a sauna, which is available for rent. The easiest way is to go ashore at Södra Grinda, where you will find the cabin village only a few hundred meters away. When staying in the cabin village you bring your own bed linnen and towels. Bed linnen and towels can be rented at site.

Grinda Campsite

Bring your own tent and put it up in our generous camping area. Here, you do not need to make reservations; you just put up your tent wherever you want.

There are several common barbecue areas and water can be collected from pumps adjacent to the campsite. The sea is but a few steps away, and there are large lawns to hang out and run barefoot on!

The easiest way is to go ashore at Norra Grinda, where you will find the campsite only a few hundred meters away.

Guest Harbour

The guest harbour is located in the bay of Hemviken on the northwestern side of the island, only ten strokes away from “Framfickan”, and can accommodate about 100 boats. Here, our harbour hosts will help you to get comfortable. Guests have access to electricity cabinets, showers, toilets, and can empty their garbage and septic tanks. Wireless internet connection through Telia Homerun.
Our harbour office assists with weather reports, rental of kayaks and by selling various boating items. You can also purchase breakfast packages, and freshly baked bread from the country shop a stone’s throw up the road.

Welcome to Grinda!

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Contact: Jan Pfister
Phone: +46-854249491
Mobile: +46-854249491
Booking: +46-854249491


Public transportation

Lat.N 59 24’15 Long. O 18 33’13


Grinda is accesible by boat. Take a boat from the central of Stockholm or from Boda or Lillsved in Värmdö to the stop "Grinda Södra Bryggan".