Grinda Wärdshus

Vaxholm, Värmdö

Grinda Wärdshus

To visit Grinda is to stop the earth for a while.
Here, just one hour from Stockholm, you're so far away from the pulse as it is humanly possible.
There exists only one thing. The great calm.

Many of our guests visits Grinda only for the good food. We thank you by continuing along the same path that has always driven us in the restaurant to serving quality food with excellent service. Something that every year brought us many awards, as well as place in both the magazine Gourmet's rating "199 Tables" as "Best Swedish table" with Sweden's top chefs as well as jury also awarded several times with the title "The Archipelago best tavern".

Our guiding principle is that food does not need to be troubled to be good. The raw materials we collect in large part from the archipelago's pantry, and the menu, we let vary according to what the season offers. Welcome to the table and enjoy a light summer lunch, a hearty autumn dinner or our celebrated Christmas table. Breathtaking ocean views are included in the price.

Contact information

185 99 Vaxholm
Contact: Jan Pfister
Phone: +46-854249491
Mobile: +46-854249491
Booking: +46-854249491


Opening hours

All year


Waxholmsbolaget (+46 8 679 58 30) and Cinderellabåtarna (+46 8 587140 50) has multiple tours daily from Stockholm, Nacka Strand, Lidingö, Waxholm and Värmdö. Even Grinda Express runs daily tours during the peak season. From Stockholm, the journey takes just over an hour, from northern Värmdö just ten minutes. We can also arrange taxi, charter boat, helicopter and seaplane and hovercraft in the winter.