Guns Livs

Nämdö, Värmdö

Guns Livs

Guns Livs, your ICA close shop in the archipelago. We are one of the archipelago's largest and best-stocked stores, situated at Waxholmsbolagets bridge in Solvik.

In the shop we offer fresh fruits and vegetables, good barbecue meat and a wide range such as bake-off, etc.

We also sell stamps and postcards

Contact information

130 36 Nämdö
Contact: Kerstin Öhman-Moberg
Phone: +46-857156017
Mobile: +46-857156017
Booking: +46-857156017


Opening hours

All year


For us, you can easily make your way through Waxholmsbolagets boats year round.
During peak seasons boat trips from Stavsnäs and Saltsjöbaden. During the winter, they go from Stavsnäs. In autumn and spring, you can also go from Björkvik