Björkö-Örn, bathing place, Rådmansö

Gräddö, Norrtälje

Björkö-Örn is situated at the south part of Norrtäljeviken, on the west side of Gräddö.

This swimming area has a 85 meter long shoreline, with a sandy beach and smaller parts with grass. Here you can play beach volleyball or have something to eat or drink in the café. 

Contact information

0 Gräddö
Phone: +46-17671000


Public transportation


With bus from Norrtälje:
Bus 631 towards Rådmansö, get off at Björkö-Örn

By car from Norrtälje:
Take route E18 towards Kapellskär and follow signs to Gräddö and Björkö-Örn.

With bus from Stockholm:
Bus 676 towards Norrtälje, get off at Campus Roslagen.
Change to bus 631 towards Rådmansö and get off at Björkö-Örn.

With car from Stockholm:
Take route E18 towards Norrtälje and follow signs to Helsingfors, Helsinki and Kapellskär. Then follow signs to Gräddö and Björkö-Örn.