The Gems of Roslagen - bicycle package


Bicycle tour Norrtälje –Söderbykarl- Grisslehamn
Bike rentals are available in Norrtälje (Hvilan hostel), Söderbykarl (Wik B&B), and Grisslehamn (Mats Persgården) and this trip works equally well in either direction. The route coincides in places with Postvägen (the old postal route). Map and guide book can be bought at Visit Roslagen phone +46 (0)767-650 660

Norrtälje is the heart of Roslagen, a uniquely homely town with  many small shops, cafés and restaurants. Hvilan hostel is centrally located just a short stroll from the idyllic town center . We recommend the path along the stream that is the town’s main artery.
When it’s time to leave Norrtälje this tour sets course north towards Nånö. The bike map shows you how to avoid the busy 76 road and use the old embankment and smaller country roads instead. At Nånö you take a sharp turn east and follow a pleasant winding road to Roslagsbro. The tour then continues into the parish of Söderbykarl.

Different routes will take you to the centre of Söderbykarl and Wik B&B. The longer bike ride passes through Velända where you, at the crossroad, follow the Råda road sign. Lake Råda has a nice beach for swimming . At the crossroads in Norra Råda the road to Söderbykarl is marked . An alternative route takes you to Brölunda where you meet up with the hiking trail Roslagsleden whichyou follow to the village of Vik. This is a very pretty trail, but you may have to lead your bike for a few hundred meters where the gravel road narrows to a path.

On arrival in Söderbykarl we recommend a visit to the open air museum Erikskulle or a swim in Lake Strödja. On the way to the beach you’ll pass a garden nursery  with  a multitude of flowers, strawberries, ice-cream, and chilled drinks.

The approx. 30 km long route between Söderbykarl and Tomta is a delightful and easy ride with landmarks interspersed with beautiful views. From Norra Råda you can reach Älmsta either by going north through Gåsvik or by heading for the village of Nyby on the coast, then following the coastline to the bridge Bagghusbron. Whichever route you choose, we recommend that you cycle to Bagghus and take the prettiest approach to Älmsta – the stretch of Roslagsleden that follows the west bank of the Väddö canal, even though you may have to lead your bike a short way. On arrival in town, why not pay a visit to Roslagens Maritime Museum or take a detour to Väddö gårdsmejeri - a dairy farm and café on the Väddö side of the canal.

The bike tour continues along Väddö Bay on the mainland before crossing Trästa bridge to the island of Väddö where several kilometers of cycling bring you to your destination - Mats Persgården in Tomta or Grisslehamns gård in central Grisslehamn.

Mats Persgården offers rustic accommodation on a  farm in Roslagen dating from the late 1600s. The farmhouse has room for eight guests in tastefully furnished rooms with old-world charm. Only 3 km away you’ll find  the idyllic and vibrant fishing village of Grisslehamn, where you can stay in an authentic setting at Grisslehamn Gård, located just a stone’s throw from the harbour. This guesthouse has ten double rooms and serves traditional food from the archipelago on the terrace in the summer.

In Grisslehamn you can enjoy first-class dining, shop for lovely home furnishings and visit the fishmongers who sell delicacies all year round. A popular tourist attraction is the Albert Engström Museum in the house where this local author, artist, and cartoonist lived. His studio is perched on the rocks overlooking the sea just a short walk from the main house.

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