Bike ride - The Viking Route


Round lake Erken – approx. 35 km
Lake Erken is the second largest lake in the county of Stockholm,
only surpassed by Lake Mälaren. The name is old Swedish and
means the shining one, which is a good name for this clear lake.
On Erken’s shores you can experience one of our finest Swedish
traditions, fishing for crayfish. When in season fresh Erken
crayfish are on sale in various places if you fancy cooking them

If you set off from Norrtälje or Skederid/Finsta on your tour
of Erken, you cycle north through the beautiful agricultural
landscape around the villages of Malsta and Lohärad. The bike
ride now takes you west to Kristineholm before continuing to
the northeast past Koludden and Järsö to then join road 76.
A few kilometers south of Järsö, on the busy main road 76, you
will find the village of Svanberga. Svanberga has a nice beach,
restaurant, pizzeria, and a Viking village that is open periodically
during the summer.

Alternatively, if you head north, a few hundred meters cycling
on road 76 will bring you to the ruins of Karl’s church. This
Romanesque church ruin from the early 13th century is worth
taking a look at before you continue your journey left onto the
gravel road that leads you through the village of Marjum. When
you reach the Y-junction keep right and continue over the main
road (road 76) onto Skåltorpsvägen. Follow this road until
it ends. You then arrive at the village of Söderbykarl where a
remarkable discovery was made in the valley near Vik. The discovery,
a viking boat from the 11th century, is now on display at
Erikskulle open air museum in Söderbykarl. Just a few hundred
meters away is Wik B&B, where you can have a relaxing sauna,
have a good night’s sleep in comfortable beds, and enjoy a hearty
breakfast. Dinner and packed lunches are available if you order
in advance. Bike rentals are available.

Contact information

76130 Norrtälje
Phone: +46-767650660


Public transportation


This Cycling package can be booked via Resgladh. Contact Person: Hannele Gladh Tel. 070 99 29 778 · E-mail: ·

Wik Bed and Breakfast. Dinner and lunch can be booked in advance. Contact: Ewa Wickstrom Tel: +46 (0)176-27 03 22, +46 (0)707-89 69 98. E-mail: ·

The guide book Cycle in Roslagen and the Cykelkartan map can be bought at Visit Roslagen tourist information centers or via


Start in Norrtälje, Estuna, Skederid/Finsta or Söderbykarl.