Cycling package - Roll around Rådmansö

Norrtälje - Rådmansö, Norrtälje

Norrtälje – Kapellskär - or  vice versa!

”A cycle tour of the Rådmansö peninsula packed with attractions, fine beaches and stunning scenery”

Norrtälje, the metropolis of Roslagen, seethes with activity during the summer months offering a range of different  events. Stroll around the town center  or over to the park, “Societetsparken”. Don’t miss a visit to the Industrial museum, Pythagoras – an interesting and educational experience for all ages. You’re never far from a café in Norrtälje, and there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. You stay at the hostel Hvilan which is located close to the town center. Your hosts will gladly give you tips on local bike rides. If you’ve already been on the road for a few miles, a visit to Hvilans sauna and relaxation room could be just what you need.

From Norrtälje you ride southeast passing Björnö and Frötuna, then onwards through woodland and meadows to Angskär. Soon you’ll come to Långsjön, a small lake with warm, dark water, suitable for a swim. The tour continues to Spillersboda where there is a shop and ice-cream stand . The route then follows small roads past the sawmill at Spillersboda, towards Håtö, crosses the E18 and meets up with the old road to Rådmansö. Follow this road to Södersvik which has a fantastic bakery and café, and then continue eastward towards Gräddö. You will pass Rådmansö church and school as well as the village of Rådmanby.


The village of Gräddö has a grocery store, guest harbor, and a marina. “Kajak & Uteliv,” located by the docks in Gräddö, offer kayak rentals and guided tours of Roslagen’s excellent paddling waters just where the leafy inner archipelago meets the barren outer archipelago. The finest sandy beach on the peninsula is to be found at Björkö Öhrn, and if you’re looking for a bite to eat there’s a café that offers light meals and home baked cakes just outside the village center.  

After much needed rest the tour continues south to the idyllic fishing village of Räfsnäs which has a year-round port and is a hub for all sea transport to the surrounding islands of the archipelago. Waxholmsbolaget has scheduled boat connections to the islands Lidö, Fejan and Tjockö. You can also rent boat transportation to an agreed destination.

Six kilometers of cycling will take you to Kapellskär where you’ll stay overnight at the Kapellskäret hostel, which is located close to one of the most beautiful areas in Roslagen – Riddersholm Nature Reserve. This consists of 650 hectares of diverse nature, ranging from large forests to groves and orchid meadows. You can follow the 19 km marked trail on your own or join a guided flower trail. 

From Kapellskär Harbour ferries go to Åland, Finland, and the Baltics. From the docks at Kapellskärsudden, the Vaxholm Boat traffics Arholma to the north and Stockholm to the south.


Contact information

76130 Norrtälje - Rådmansö
Phone: +46-767650660


Public transportation


From Stockholm take the bus 676 from Tekniska Högskolan towards Norrtälje. If you go by your own car take the E18 north bounds towards Norrtälje.