Cycling package trip- The cultural tour


”A tour of  coastal landscapes steeped in culture”

This tour starts by taking Waxholmsbolaget's boat from Stockholm, or Vaxholm, to Linanäs on Ljusterö.
 If you want to see more of Ljusterö by bike we recommend the scenic trail to the nature reserve on Östra Lagnö, where rocks, polished by the inland ice, look out over the outer archipelago. If you want to try paddling you can hire a kayak in a sheltered bay on Västra Lagnö. Another pretty spot is the vantage point at Ljusterö Huvud where you can see all the way to Stockholm in clear weather.

The tour continues to the mainland via the car ferry from Ljusterö to Östanå and Roslags-Kulla.

*By boat to Östanå - Alternatively you can take Blidösundsbolaget’s boat from Stockholm directly to Östanå. From here, it's a 12 km bike ride to Bergshamra. If you wish to take your bike on the boat, please make a booking with Blidösundsbolaget the day before, tel  08-545 29350.

* Siaröfortet – Waxholmsbolagets ferry also provides a service from Östanå to Siaröfortet –a fort with six anti-aircraft bunkers from World War II that  today house an underground museum, hostel, bistro and café.

The parish of Roslags-Kulla boasts a red timbered church from the early 1700’s, it’s a beautiful landmark with its tower and belfry . When here, don’t miss the  short detour to Wira Bruk -  one of Sweden’s most important weapon smithies  during the Swedish Empire period (1611-1718). Here you not only get a feeling for living - and working conditions in the 1700s and 1800s but can also experience modern blacksmithing. The picturesque environment is perfect for a stroll and it offers refreshments in the little coffee house by the stream.

Carlberg Bed & Breakfast is situated in a timeless rural setting just 400m from Bergshamra Bay. Bike rentals are available and the surrounding countryside is well suited for  day trips. Your hosts can advise you on the wide range of activities offered in the area. The village has a grocery store, pizzeria, and antique shop.  Kvarngården, where there  often are art exhibitions, is close by. Other places of interest are Penningby Castle, Malmsjöns Nature Reserve, and one of Sweden’s oldest national parks, Ängsö, situated  on an island just off the coast that can be reached by boat.

Contact information

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Phone: +46-767650660


Public transportation


Waxholmsbolaget ferry from Stockholm (Strömkajen) or Vaxholm to Linanäs jetty on Ljusterö.