S /S Blidösund

Blidösundsbolaget takes you to the Stockholm archipelago's most beautiful waters and islands. Join us on a day trip to the archipelago or on an evening cruise on one of the archipelago's three original steam boats - with or without music.

Siaröfortet - the bathig island with its own fortress

“THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!”. Since 1719, this is a cry that has brought terror to the archipelago. Here on Kyrkogårdsön, in response to the threat of Russian invasion, construction of a fortress intended to protect the entrance to Stockholm was started during World War I.

A visit to this fortress is an unforgettable experience, and you can join a guided tour or else make your own way around with the help of our audio guide, which is available in both Swedish and English.

On Kyrkogårdsön there are secluded outcrops and small beaches from which to go swimming, and the old and beautifully renovated barracks from the 1920s now contain a hostel with rooms for two or four people, a summer restaurant and a wood-burning sauna by the shore.

Sundays during the summer are Siaröfortet’s steamboat day. Come on board MS Sjögull with departure from Strömkajen at 1.15 pm. After a three-hour visit to this exciting island, SS Blidösund will collect you for the return journey to Stockholm, leaving at 5.10 pm. Sunday dinner is served on board on the way home.

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Stockholm - Siaröfortet

Östanå - Siaröfortet