Bike & Hike Roslagen - bike rides

Roslagen, Norrtälje

Cycle in Roslagen - 400 km of route proposal
Roslagen with its natural beauty, shimmering archipelago and picturesque countryside is great to enjoy on a bike. Bike & Hike Roslagen presents a number of bike trips where you enjoy Roslagen on small roads close to nature and the varied landscape.
As far as possible the suggested routes avoids heavy traffic.

You stay in cosy accommodation places. Some have bike rental and offers lunch and dinner if you book in advance. A tip is to ask your accommodation host for local bike routes and interesting places to visit in the neighbourhood.

Map and brochure
The route proposals are not signposted, but sometimes coincide with the bike trail Kustlinjen. You find information of each package idea online here on this webpage. You can also buy the brochure "Cycle in Roslagen" that guide you to the small, quiet roads and homely accommodation.

The brochure and the "Cykelkartan" bicycle map are available for sale on Visit Roslagens tourist offices, via the webshop and included when you book a bicycle package with the tour operator ResGladh.

Contact information

Norrtälje turistbyrå, Lilla Brogatan 3
76130 Roslagen
Phone: +46-767650660



Cycle in Roslagen = 8 bicycle routes including accommodation, from Öregrund in the north to Ljusterö in the south. Cycling map and brochure are available on Visit Roslagens tourist offices, at and in the webshop at